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How to Perform a Three-Point Turn

Roads are pretty wide in the United States so most times you will be able to perform a U-Turn when you need to go in the opposite direction but knowing how to safely execute a three-point turn is a valuable skill to have, especially where the road is too narrow to make a U-Turn.

Throughout this whole maneuver you should be constantly checking for traffic in both directions to ensure it is safe to continue. Having stopped on the right side of the road, turn on your left signal and turn the steering wheel all the way to the left while driving forward; stopping when you are near the curb. Check no cars have come up behind you while you have been turning and that it is still safe to continue. Turn on your right signal, change to reverse and turn the wheel all the way to the right while slowly reversing, again stopping near the curb. Make one final check that there is no traffic and it is safe to complete the final part of the maneuver. Put your vehicle back into Drive and proceed on your way.

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